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Sony A6000 -"Neuer"


Neuer , world famous goalkeeper from Germany National Soccer Team and Bayern Munich  , shows his passion for the football , friends and fans through his Sony Alpha 6000 camera.

Furia,  had  to create a full CG Soccer stadium and fill it up with  20,000 CG digital extras and a few real humans.

Great amount of CG and Post work with dynamic camera movements and lots of green screen work.

Feel Manuel Neuer´s goal saves at high-speed.




Project:  Sony Alpha 6000 - "Neuer"

Agency: DDB , Berlin.

Prod-Company : Mr.Bob Films - Berlin

Director: Ash Bolland


Furia  provided services : VFX Supervision, CGI  Crowds  , CG Stadium  , Background replacement,  Set extension ,  Flame post.


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