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Follow the journey of a Nation through one of the most iconic elements in their culture and tradition, soccer.

From the Aztecs to the current times , director Antony Hoffman drives us through this time travel with great visuals.

Welcome to Mexico.



Project:  AT&T Journey of the Sun.

Agency: Dieste.

Prod-Company : Believe

Director: Antony Hoffman.

Producer : Lisa Hollingshead


Furia  provided services : VFX Supervision, CG  Set extensions , CG Crowds, CG Matte Paintings and Flame post.


Furia Digital S.L  All rights reserved . Copyright 2008-17.

Unless otherwise indicated, all materials on this pages are copyrighted. No web part of these pages, either text, audio, video or images may be used for any purpose other than personal use, unless explicit authorization by Furia Digital S.L


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